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Efficient heating of your outdoor areas

Posted on July 18, 2013 at 10:20 PM

To ensure maximum use of your Verandah, Pergola or Outdoor room, specialised heating solutions can ensure you can enjoy that special place even in the height of an Adelaide winter.

You know the feeling of emerging from beneath a cool, shady tree into the warmth of the sun? That is the effect of radiant heat. It feels different than any other heat; it is quick and constant.

As the most economical solution for hard-to-heat areas, Comfortline Panels are available in a wide range of sizes and heating outputs. Comfortable, cost-effective heat can be a challenge outdoors. Radiant heating panels are the obvious solution. They create opulent environments for all outdoor venues, even during cold winter months. Comfortline Radiant Heating Panels Radiate Heat Just Like the Sun – it’s like bringing the sun to you.

Comfortline panels emit up to 10% more usable heat than similar panels. This additional heat output is a result of our unique“Silicating Treatment” on the heating surfaces. Simply put, the surfaces are roughened, which increases their surface area and thus their capacity to radiate heat. The high level of insulation increases efficiency and aids in eliminating vibrations.

There is no comparison when it comes to advantages of Comfortline panels over high intensity gas “mushroom” style heaters for outdoor comfort. Our outdoor heating panels are:


  • More economical to purchase
  • Up to 5 times as efficient to operate
  • Absolutely silent
  • Odourless and non-polluting
  • Ceiling mounted; they do not utilise valuable floor space
  • A fast, efficient, and silent optionfor difficult-to-heat areas
  • Inconspicuous designs, perfectfor recessed or surface ceiling applications


Radiant outdoor heating panels from Comfortline provide the most comfortable answer to the challenge of heating exterior gathering places. Operating savings range from 20-50% compared to oil, gas and some other types of electric heating systems.

My Dezign Exteriors have been using and recommending Comfortline Radiant Heating Panels for many years in projects where specialised heating is required and are Authorised resellers in Adelaide. They are in use and on display in The Home Ideas Centre,Ashford.

For furtherinformation and prices, please contact us, or visit our display centre

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