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Price Increase Notification Effective 4th January 2021

Posted on December 13, 2020 at 10:00 PM

We wish to notify you that due to increases from our suppliers and other unavoidable business costs there will be a price increase effective for all new business from the above date and current orders delivered on or after Monday 1st March 2021.

Price increases that were to come into effect in through 2020 were delayed due to the initial effect on consumers through the COVID-19 pandemic and many costs were absorbed and not passed on. These amounts referred mainly to fees and charges for processing, transport, and waste disposal

Price rises of between 3% and 5% will occur to the following

• Colorbond Steel products

• Hardwood and Composite Decking

• General Material including timber and hardware used in building our projects

Varying price rises will also occur to fees and other charges and we have also been advised of some new fees relating to additional government requirements.

This will include

• Application and processing fees including private certification

• Delivery and transport

• Waste disposal

• Labour and installation costs

Our usual pricing policy will remain, and we will always attempt to be price competitive and offer the best comparative value

Covid 19 Lockdown South Australia

Posted on November 19, 2020 at 1:50 AM

The current SA lockdown has been sudden, and we have been attempting to assess the overall impact it will have on our customers and our current schedule

What we do know is that our industry as a whole has effectively ground to a halt for at least 6 days and we are not able to complete or continue on current jobs until at least next Wednesday. Our suppliers are in lockdown meaning that processing, production and transport is also in lockdown. If restrictions are lifted on time we will still need to obtain information from our manufacturers and other suppliers if their production schedule has been extended, transport schedules will most likely also be extended as they clear backlog of what would have been processed during that time.

A delay in processing will delay manufacturing and of course delivery of materials. Production times may also be affected, and we anticipate there will be some delay in production above the current schedules as they will not be processing until at least Wednesday next week.

We have already experienced recent delays with weather and production overruns, a factor that often happens at this time of the year but has been more noticeable this year due to higher than normal demand.

Until health authorities and the SA Government announce further changes we are in a holding pattern and as such it is not possible to provide confirmation of any current scheduled construction until restrictions are lifted. We are ALL affected by this development.


Customer Service Conditions (Onsite inspections, consultation and quotes) COVID-19

Posted on March 24, 2020 at 8:50 PM

Circumstances clearly have highlighted the need to take steps in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 as us, like so many others are feeling the strain of restrictions and uncertainty.

My Dezign Exteriors will continue to provide personalised customer service including onsite design consultation, quotes and of course construction and installations for the immediate and foreseeable future however, as we in the best interests all our health requirements, must adhere to the regulations and recommendations of the Australian National Health services and government advice.

We therefore will be revising our contact, consultation and construction processes.

Prior to appointing for a consultation, we require confirmation that:

• You are not in self isolation or required to be in self isolation

• You are not unwell in ANY respect

• You have not been in contact with anyone that has (within the previous 7 days) been unwell, travelled interstate or overseas

• We will email you with some standard information that we would ask you refer to as that will contain details that will allow us to consult more productively considering a more limited time frame than is usually required

Consultation on site with all customers will be limited


• Our consultations will be limited to 30 minutes and adhere to social distancing best practice

• We will remain outdoors and it will now not be possible to provide on site design presentations (i.e. computer designed models, Photo Portfolios and onsite quotes) we will however provide electronic (usually via email) product information, draft plans, relevant comparison example pictures, product information and written quotes as soon as possible after our onsite consultation. Our consultation process can continue via phone (either voice or video link) to discuss specific details as mutually agreed

• Site inspections (prebuild) will be limited as above

• All offsite (workplace) face to face consultations and meetings are suspended until further notice

Build and installs:

Naturally we must protect our onsite team as well and as such all social distancing requirements are to be adhered to. Our team will provide all food and beverage for their own use (as much as offering them a tea, coffee or water is common, this practice will be now be discouraged). Our team will do what they can to ensure excess packaging and materials are removed from site.

As time progresses, it may be necessary to further revise these conditions and we will update you as soon as we can following any changes.

PLEASE NOTE: although we are currently only experiencing minor delays in supplies, we have noticed some recent delays in processing to services and materials (primarily due to some working remotely from outside their offices, staggered production shifts and reduced working hours for some). This may result in further delays resulting from practices and requirements from and service and material providers as further restrictions are introduced – we thank you in advance for your understanding